Council Update

At our last Council meeting, Sue Ivanjack shared with the Council her need to tender her resignation as Chair of the Council, as her health was keeping her from being able to do all that she wanted to do. She has served faithfully and thankfully will continue to serve as a member of Council. David Primuth who has been serving as Vice President stepped down from that position and was subsequently elected as President. Patrick Rollins was elected as our new VP with the other officers remaining in their current roles.

Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention

A Task Force on Gun Violence Prevention was recently formed in the Synod. Anyone with a special interest in gun violence prevention should contact Pr. Dan Gibson if you’d like to work with us!

Lutheran – Episcopal Joint Gun Violence Prevention Task Force Formed

The Southwest California Synod of the ELCA is pleased to announce the formation of the Joint Gun Violence Prevention Task Force with the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, a partnership to educate and advocate for the prevention and reduction of gun violence in our communities.

Bishop Guy Erwin praised the formation of the Task Force saying, “Jesus’ message of peace calls Christians to be peacemakers in our communities—and, I believe, to resist the culture of violence in our society…I’m very encouraged by the creation of this new Task Force and proud that people in our synod are stepping up to work for change in Los Angeles and beyond.”

The Task Force invites anyone with a special interest in gun violence prevention to contact Pr. Dan Gibson at or 323-371-1001.