Spotlight: Lutheran World Relief

Posted by Janis Hatlestad

Many of us are at a loss to give meaningful gifts to our friends and loved ones at this time of year. We might look at alternative giving to a charity, but wonder how to choose.

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in someone’s life by helping to respond to disaster or helping lift people out of the cycle of poverty through community resource development, Lutheran World Relief (LWR) just might be the charity you are look to support. If you want to make sure your dollars are well spent, you may be happy to know Lutheran World Relief, as an international relief and development charity is “high-rated” by Consumer Reports.

Did you know, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, including St. Luke Lutheran as a member congregation, supports Lutheran World Relief? Additional direct support contributed by individuals and families will further the work Lutheran World Relief is able to do in the world.

This article by The Rev. Dr. David J. Lose, President, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia shares further insight into the ways in which Lutheran World Relief stands out as a charity.

Finally, on “LWR’s Blog”, Lutheran World Relief shares its best five videos of 2014 in which you can see results of its programming. And, there is a “donate” button conveniently located on the blog site.

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