Advocacy on Immigration Reform — “Town Hall” meeting and letter to legislator

Posted by: Janis Hatlestad, member, St. Luke Lutheran Church, Woodland Hills, August 18, 2014

As follow on to announcement made in church on Sunday, here is more information about immediate and near-term advocacy opportunities on Immigration Reform:

1) Draft letter to Senator Diane Feinstein. Asking those able and willing to print and send* a signed copy of this letter to Senator Diane Feinstein explaining our concern for those, especially children from Central America, arriving at our border. The letter also states the Synod’s position supporting international efforts to increase economic development in affected countries of Central America, while at the same time improving security. If you would also add a sentence or two in your own words, it will have even greater impact. That is, it may lead to greater weight in forming positions and when various issues supported by constituents are considered.

We believe the vast majority of these children are not criminals. Rather, most of them have come here hoping to reunite with family already here in the U.S., and/or they are seeking asylum from terrorism, violence, and/or domestic abuse. We want to see each of them treated with dignity, compassion, and allowed due process, thoroughly considering the validity of each of their claims to be here.

You might read the letter to get a brief overview of topics of concern. More detailed information is available here, and in a previous blog post.

* Update: Bring your signed letter to church on Sunday, September 7. They will be gathered up then, and delivered personally to Senator Feinstein’s office by Rev. Alexia Salvatierra in the week following. A small supply of the letters will be available for those without print capabilities. Thank you!

2) Congressman Brad Sherman Town Hall Meeting. Currently on Congressman Sherman’s website home page is information about upcoming Town Hall Meeting. Janis Hatlestad hopes to speak briefly at this meeting, Sunday, August 24, sharing our views on the issue of Immigration Reform. You are welcome to attend in order to speak, to listen, or just to be present for moral support.  If you would like to attend and carpool with others from St. Luke, you might email Janis.

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