Some sermons from this Fall

on the widow and the unjust judge ….

on the Samaritan leper made well …

All Saints Sunday – baptism of Tooraj …

On the resurrection of the dead … 

Invitation to a screening of the movie “The Resurrection of Malchus.”

(This is a special screening; the movie is not yet released for public viewing.)

FREE at St. Luke Lutheran Church, Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 4 pm in the Fellowship Hall. The movie is also being screened at First Lutheran in Van Nuys, Lifehouse, and several other places in the coming weeks.

FREE popcorn, sodas, and candy will be provided, and you can bring your own refreshments.

Bring Beach chairs or cushions if you wish. Come and get comfortable to view this special screening.

Movie Synopsis:

Modern day Mafia gangster Dirk – a la Tony Soprano in the hit TV series THE SOPRANOS – has a number of troubling secrets he doesn’t reveal to his associates or bosses. One secret involves Dirk’s crippled teenage son; another is his divorced first wife; another his new wife; another is murdering people. Dirk has a long list of complex secrets but doesn’t hide his religious belief, or his distaste for blasphemy from his street associates. A serious ear ache forces Dirk to seek medical and mystical help as it develops into a confrontation for Dirk with his God, forcing him to choose between his present mob lifestyle and a religious lifestyle. The Biblical back story to Malchus develops quickly and is woven into the plot, becoming a major conflict in his life as Dirk struggles to cope with visions of Caiaphas sending Malchus to the Garden of Gethsemane on that fateful night to spy on Jesus and report on the possible perceived rebellion. A soldier cuts off Malchus’ ear but Jesus quickly restores the ear, as Dirk’s life soars toward a life-threatening collision he cannot avoid.

Noted Music Composer Arturo Sandoval, who escaped from Castro and Cuba to win 8 Grammies and an Emmie, composed the haunting music for the film. Written, produced, and directed by Carl Darchuk, who also stars as Dirk. Novelist Joseph T. (Joe) Buff- – of St Luke’s, is part of the cast and plays the role of Dirk’s father. Run time: 87 minutes. Cast and crew will be on hand to answer questions after the movie.

The music has just been completed and added to the sound track. There is no rating yet; suitable for high school and older viewers. It’s a “feel good” movie. Here’s a trailer: And, we’ll see you at the movie! – Posted by Joe Buff.