Summer Hike at King-Gillette Ranch

Saturday morning July 20, 2013, a baker’s dozen of St. Luke members and friends set out on a 2-mile hike around the perimeter of King-Gillette Ranch, Calabasas, CA. The morning was refreshingly cool, and the hike mildly strenuous for those of us not as accustomed to hitting the trail. We took a few brief breaks to catch our breath and to enjoy the lovely views, pausing for a couple of photos.


King-Gillette boasts a beautiful, new visitors’ center, complete with real, clean bathrooms! Also, free 2-hour parking. We began and ended our hike by the center.

Following our hike, we gathered in a picturesque spot with a picnic table, enjoying delicious bagels and spreads along with cold water — all provided for us by Neil and Megan Gillespie. Thank you!

Special thanks to Neil Gillespie for organizing and leading the hike, ensuring everyone was accounted for, well fed, and had a good time.

We hope you’ll consider joining us on our next hike. Stay tuned as plans are firmed up. We’ll possibly hit the trail again sometime in August.



West Valley Food Pantry Receives Grant

Posted by Rebecca Whitnal

Prince of Peace Episcopal Church

Prince of Peace Episcopal Church

West Valley Food Pantry in Woodland Hills was one of 15 community pantries, food banks and homeless shelters nationwide to recently receive a grant from Alternative Gifts international.

A coalition of 10 congregations in the west San Fernando Valley, the food bank provides food to the needy, homeless, hungry and working poor. According to its website, the Food Pantry serves balanced food packages to more than 4,000 clients—or 37,000 meals—each month.

The $2,100 grant came from Alternative Gifts International, which helps people give gifts of self-development goods, relief and even animals to people in third world countries on behalf of others instead of the traditional, more commercial gifts they might exchange with one another.

West Valley Food Pantry was nominated for this grant by Rand Reasoner, Pastor of Prince of Peace Episcopal Church, where the food bank is hosted. Prince of Peace Episcopal has hosted an Alternative Gift Market every fall since 2000.

Sermons – Summer to Fall 2013

The Good Samaritan Mary and Martha  Healing in the Synagogue  Honored at God’s table  The call to pause and consider  God not for the saved but the lost  Lazarus and the rich man 

Sermon series on Galatians

Galatians 1:1-12, Weekend after call of Rev Dr Guy Erwin as bishop.

Galatians 1:11-24 – Paul’s calling, also Luke 7.

Galatians 2 and Luke 7:36ff.  This sermon used images and text on slides.  Here’s one image, from the Altar of Pergamon:


Galatians 3-4; at the baptism of Shahla.

Galatians 5.  Also end of Luke 9. We remember our friend Sybil, and celebrate ruling against doma / prop 8.

Galatians 6, Luke 10 first part.