Murphy’s Flaw playing Sunday!

Join us for some great music while helping out struggling families in our area.

We welcome back a delightful group of bluegrass musicians.  From “Reverbnation”: “Murphy’s Flaw is a bunch of musicians who got together to play music as terms of their parole. After a few rehearsals, the incarceration started to look not so bad. Then, just as things were coming together in the “flawed” department, all the members left, save two. Maybe they violated their paroles?…..but after a few well placed ads and a gigabyte of e-mails The Flaw, version 2.0 was formed. Fast-forward to Version 7.0: The band now consists of seven new musicians and still travels the Los Angeles area, inflicting “Accidental Bluegrass” on an unsuspecting public in music venues and bus stations across the southland.”

Sunday, November 18th at 4pm – admission is free – $10 for snacks & drinks goes straight to the West Valley Food Pantry. More information on the concert series is here.

One thought on “Murphy’s Flaw playing Sunday!

  1. You have to see these guys! Banjo Mensch (John) plays one of the happiest banjo’s this side of Nashville! Please come and enjoy a couple hours of great American music by local musicians!

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