Advent and Christmas 2012

The season of Advent (“coming”) begins the new church year reawakens hope and watchfulness for the Messiah – leading into Christmas, when we celebrate that he comes as Jesus. The most up to date calendar can be found at our website.

Saturday, December 1st – Women’s Christmas Brunch, 11:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. Members and their guests will enjoy the fellowship and Christmas carols, with the brunch to be served around noon. If you have questions, please call Judy Platts, 222-8779.

Sunday, December 2nd, First Sunday in Advent. Paul Anderson’s lecture is at 9:45 (see next page), Advent Craft Festival at 10:45am. All children and their friends are welcome. Join us in the Fellowship Hall to make Advent crafts, decorate (and eat) cookies and drink hot spiced cider. If you have any questions please contact Julie Jensen 818 974-0898.

Wednesday, December 5th – Cookie Caravan. We assemble beautiful plates of homemade cookies for our shut-ins, special needs members and new members. We need lots of cookies, which we ask you to drop off at church not later than 8:45 a.m. on Dec. 5. A sign-up sheet will be posted in the narthex. Call Judy Platts if you have questions.

Saturday, December 15th, 9am – 11am. We gather to decorate the sanctuary for Christmas. Please feel free to attend and bring friends and family, too! As is our tradition, coffee and donuts will be served.

Sunday, December 16th – lessons and carols during worship and GALA CONCERT at 4 p.m. featuring Chancel Choir, Worship Team, Folkjammers, Junior Choir, and Sunday School children.

Sunday, December 23rd –ONE worship service at 9:30am, featuring Children’s pageant.

Monday, December 24th -Christmas Eve Candlelight Service – 10:30 p.m.

Sunday, December 30th – ONE worship service at 9:30am, the first Sunday of Christmas. We go back to two services on January 6th.

Three songs from worship

From the kids, “Sing it”

Last Sunday, featuring John Magnussen on drum, “Amen Siakudumisa”

All Saints Sunday, featuring high school student Roman Colao on flute: 

Murphy’s Flaw playing Sunday!

Join us for some great music while helping out struggling families in our area.

We welcome back a delightful group of bluegrass musicians.  From “Reverbnation”: “Murphy’s Flaw is a bunch of musicians who got together to play music as terms of their parole. After a few rehearsals, the incarceration started to look not so bad. Then, just as things were coming together in the “flawed” department, all the members left, save two. Maybe they violated their paroles?…..but after a few well placed ads and a gigabyte of e-mails The Flaw, version 2.0 was formed. Fast-forward to Version 7.0: The band now consists of seven new musicians and still travels the Los Angeles area, inflicting “Accidental Bluegrass” on an unsuspecting public in music venues and bus stations across the southland.”

Sunday, November 18th at 4pm – admission is free – $10 for snacks & drinks goes straight to the West Valley Food Pantry. More information on the concert series is here.

Serving in Worship – December 2012

8:30 a.m. Greeters
Dec. 2 Janet Thoma
Dec. 9 Brian Jessen
Dec. 16 Suco Gonzalez
Dec. 23 Randy Kistler
Dec. 24 Evening Julie Jensen
Dec. 30 Sybil Buff

8:30 a.m. Ushers
Dec. 2 Bill Thoma
Dec. 9 Mirith Colao
Dec. 16 Marie Gonzalez
Dec. 23 Erik Pontoppidan Jr
Dec. 24 Evening Joe Buff
Dec. 30 Janice Pontoppidan

8:30 a.m. Acolytes
Dec. 2 Kristofer Hammon
Dec. 9 Jacob Colao
Dec. 16 Diego Gonzalez
Dec. 23 Sam Hillesland
Dec. 24 Evening Christian and Nikolaus Wylie
Dec. 30 Joe Hillesland

8:30 a.m. Lector & Communion Assistant
Dec. 2 Arne Jensen
Dec. 9 Karl Wylie
Dec. 16 David Primuth
Dec. 23 Judy Simpson-Platts
Dec. 24 Evening Bob Miller
Dec. 30 Niklas Hammon

10:45 a.m. Greeters

Dec. 2 Neil Gillespie

Dec. 9 Karen Buesing

Dec. 16 Helen Schnieders

Dec. 23 Brad Wood

Dec. 24 Evening Julie Jensen

Dec. 30 Julie Gilson

10:45 a.m. Ushers

Dec. 2 Megan Gillespie

Dec. 9 Anna Buesing

Dec. 16 Felicia Oguntomilade

Dec. 23 -open-

Dec. 24 Evening Joe Buff

Dec. 30 Lynn Gilson

10:45 a.m. Acolytes

Dec. 2 Tierna D’Arcy

Dec. 9 -open-

Dec. 16 Issac Hillesland

Dec. 23 -open-

Dec. 24 Evening Christian and Nikolaus Wylie

Dec. 30 Tierna D’Arcy

10:45 a.m. Lector and Communion Assistant

Dec. 2 Helen Schnieders

Dec. 9 Felicia Oguntomilade

Dec. 16 Brad Wood

Dec. 23 Mary Ann Hausner

Dec. 24 Evening Bob Miller

Dec. 30 Sue Ivanjack


Dec. 2 Weaver/Wenzel

Dec. 9 Jones/McGarrah

Dec. 16 Primuth

Dec. 23 Jensen/Jessen

Dec. 30 Ivanjack

Altar Guild

Arla Mink

Communion Bread

Arla Mink

Altar Flowers

Dec 16 Grace Road

Dec 23 Altar Guild

Dec 30 Altar Guild