Janice, Gene & Ali in concert

August 19th, 2012 – 4:00pm
$10 donation for appetizers, wine, soft drinks goes directly to West Valley Food Pantry.  Kids are welcome – you can even listen from the playground outside.

Learn more about the band

Listen to samples of their music

Learn about the concert series

St Luke is pleased to welcome Janice, Gene & Ali, who have just produced a lovely album of sacred music.  From their website: “The human voice is a glorious creation, animated by the breath, the spirit itself.  The Book of Genesis gives us the voice of God, speaking or singing the universe into creation.  In this thoughtful and inspired album the words are central; the voices are clear and pure. The songs signify. The words are discovered anew and their meaning is revealed.  Representing a range of musical traditions, coming from a variety of musical worlds—Latin, pop, country, jazz, zydeco, blues—the singers align in perfect praise. All glory be to God!

Janice, Gene and Ali first sang together on September 3, 2011, at the memorial service for Pastor Gary Marshall at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in Santa Monica. The exceptional clarity and intensity of their rendering of traditional American Christian music was palpable.  In the weeks that followed the idea slowly grew that a recording would be a gift to lovers of this kind of music as well as a suitable memorial to Gary Marshall and Kathryn Skatula.  Kathryn Skatula, a gifted musician and actress, had often served as Pastor Gary’s assisting minister before her passing from ALS in 2008. Ali’s life partner, she was beloved by many in the church and the LA entertainment community. The recording commemorates Kathryn’s exemplary Christian witness as well as the ministry of Pastor Gary.”

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